Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Owner Operator, Family Business

My name is Greg Weiss, the owner of Advanced Performance Heating & Air Conditioning.  I am the one you’ll see at your home overseeing and performing the work with my team.  I operate this way to make sure that you get the very best quality and value for your money – whether it’s a simple repair or a completely new system.

When you call, I am usually the one you’ll talk to right away.  I believe this type of transparency gives you the greatest comfort because you know who to call when you have questions or problems.  Our customers tell us that they love this the best about our company.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

We are a licensed by the State of California, Contractors Lic.#1005604. We also have extensive insurance coverage including General Liability, Umbrella Insurance, Bonding and Workers Comp.  With the proper license and extensive insurance coverage, we reduce risk to our customers.

About the Owner

My name is Greg Weiss and I am the owner operator of Advanced Performance Heating & Air Conditioning. I started this business in 2015 after being a partner in another HVAC company for years.  I have more than 15 years experience in residential and commercial HVAC installation, maintenance service and repairs.

Highest Standards for HVAC Comfort and Performance

When we design and install your Heating and Air Conditioning system we are always aiming to give the the best performance for your money.  I survey your home and gather information from you about the various issues affecting comfort.  Then using my experience, expertise and training I prepare the right quote based on your needs and your budget.  My up-to-date knowledge of available HVAC  products helps me achieve the best comfort, the best features,  and energy efficiency possible for you.

Current on HVAC Products & Energy Usage

Today, we have a lot of options that not only keep our homes more comfortable but uses less energy than before. When we survey your HVAC system, I keep in mind the energy costs.  I can recommend products and methods that will save you money over time, especially compared to your older system.

Also, we have products available that allow you to control your HVAC system remotely with smartphone or tablet.

Highest Customer Service Standards

Because I am on the service team, I keep an eye on how we conduct ourselves while in your home.  This means your home is not our workplace, it’s your home and we treat it that way by keeping it clean while we work.  Your heating and air conditioning system will perform optimally to keep you comfortable and your home will look the same or better once we leave.

I strive to be accessible to you when you need me.  While sometimes I may be in someone’s attic, usually I am available to answer your questions with just a phone call.

It’s my business and my reputation on the line, so I am fully committed to providing you the best care possible.